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  1. ISO Rating: Resources for Property Owners

    West Metro has received requests from several property owners, looking for verification of our ISO Class 1 Rating. More information...
  2. Moody’s Upgrades West Metro Credit Rating

    Moody's Investors Service has upgraded West Metro’s credit rating to Aaa- the highest rating, citing the fire district’s conservative budgeting practices and strong management team. Read on...
  3. Attention: Testing and Inspection of Fire Protection Systems

    West Metro Fire Rescue has a new policy for providers who test and inspect fire protection systems. Additional Info...
  4. West Metro Firefighters, Technology Save Lives

    LUCAS CPR device key to survival of ten patients. Read on...
  5. Child Car Seat Checks

    West Metro Fire Rescue offers child car seat safety checks by appointment on Tuesday mornings in Wheat Ridge and on Friday mornings in south Lakewood. More information...
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  1. Do You Have An Escape Plan?

    If a fire breaks out in your home, you only have a few minutes to safely get out. That's why you and your family need an escape plan. 
    Cooking is the number one cause of home fires, and during the holidays- our ovens, stoves, and, yes, even grills, get a workout. Not to mention holiday candles, and live Christmas trees that can easily dry out, becoming potential fuel for a fire. 
    Across the country, firefighters respond to nearly 360,000 house fires each year.
    Stay safe- have a  plan.
    Check out our home safety page, and watch the video below for some tips on home escape plans.